Athens Veterinary Clinic

16 Pomeroy Rd
Athens, OH 45701


Athens Vet Clinic New Client Policy 


  • Due to a high number of no-show appointments and the high demand for urgent veterinary care, as of 3/12/2021, the Athens Veterinary Clinic requires a $40 deposit be paid in advance for all new clients in order to hold an appointment. This deposit applies directly to the cost of the appointment for the animal and is not an additional charge that the client incurs. Deposits can be made over the phone or in person. 
  • This policy does not apply to established clients unless there have been multiple offenses. This is at the discretion of Athens Veterinary Clinic management. 
  • The deposit is considered non-returnable in the case of a client not showing up for a scheduled appointment or cancelling within 24 hours of the appointment. 
  • If a new client would like to schedule another appointment after failing to appear, another $40 deposit will be required prior to scheduling.  
  • If a client cancels or requests a reschedule at least 24 hours in advance, the deposit will be honored for the next appointment. 
  • If existing clients fail to appear for a scheduled appointment, it is at the discretion of Athens Veterinary Clinic if a $40 deposit will be required for future appointments
  • After 3 occurrences of no-show appointments, the Athens Veterinary Clinic reserves the right to refuse any and all service to a client. Patient records can be printed, emailed or faxed for another veterinary practice. 


Thank you for your understanding, 

Athens Veterinary Clinic Management